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About Us

Who We Are

Our team of care coordinators and skilled healthcare professionals provide home care service to help manage and coordinate care at home.
We are an in-home care company that happens to operate through independently owned and operated home care franchisees. We're not a franchise company trying to do business in the home care industry. Because of this, the safety and well being of our clients comes first for everyone.

Our Company Mission

Everything we do at virtue care is driven by our universal mission: To enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.
At Virtue Care we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality care and support possible; regardless of our client’s level of need or dependency. Our main aim is to assist those we look after to remain in their own home for as long as they wish with respect, dignity, independence and control over their life.

Our Team

  • At Virtue Care, we take great care in selecting and developing our team. We aspire to employing the best people and adopt a team approach that helps deliver the highest standards and provision of care and services. Recruiting the right people is a fundamental part of our success. Our care teams not only need knowledge, skills and experience in the ways of best practice, but also need empathy, warmth, compassion and excellent listening and communication skills. A genuine understanding of service users’ needs are required to ensure that people benefiting from our services have the best quality of life possible.

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Join our team of carers to provide help and support to those who need it the most

How Do We Work Together with other Healthcare Professionals?

We often find ourselves working side-by-side with other healthcare providers in order to deliver the best possible home care services to fit each client’s needs. For example, a doctor may recommend a medication for your loved one; our carers are there to make sure they take those medicines and stick to their recommended routine safely and effectively.
If you or your loved one is in need of caregiving services, we encourage you to reach out for a complimentary evaluation so we can customize an appropriate plan of care. Contact us for more information.